Rene Ritter

Director and founder of BFA: Emergency Response Education

René Ritter is the Director and founder of BFA: Emergency Response Education. He has extensive experience working in the field of outdoor experiential education, technical rescue and consulting, particularly as it pertains to remote/wilderness medicine, aquatic injury prevention, technical water rescue and ice rescue. Through BFA, René has built solid relationships with a number of organizations in the private and public

sector. René has also trained First Responders across Canada from various organizations over the last decade, including Parks Canada, Canadian Armed Forces, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service, VALE, Raytheon, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, SmartICE, BC Search & Rescue and volunteer and career firefighters.

4:25 pm - 5:10 pm

May 9, 2024 Day 2

Arctic Safety – Working on Ice

Working on ice can be extremely challenging at the best of times. With Rene’s vast experience, he will take us through the following for working on ice: an introduction, legislative requirement, pre/post trip protocols, PPE, hazard identification, self-rescue, action plans and conclude with a brief case study.