David Wooten

National Product Manager, Levitt-Safety

David has been a passionate and enthusiastic health and safety representative with almost thirty years of experience travelling across Canada working with customers in various high-risk industries including oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining, chemical and emergency response.

David has been employed with Levitt-Safety in various roles for twenty-three years with the last seven years as the National Product Manager representing Prevor Toxicology & Chemical Risk Management based in France. As the product specialist, David challenges people’s conventional thinking on how to best manage workplace chemical injuries and spills. David has helped hundreds of companies across the country evaluate their chemical risk response programs and implement emergency washing protocols that deliver results that are superior over passive water rinsing.  David’s passions include golf, travel and anytime he can spend in Ontario’s Muskoka

1:30 pm - 2:13 pm

May 9, 2024 Day 2

Chemical Safety, New Treatment for Eyewash

Water is important in helping to reduce the severity of chemical injuries, but water does not always prevent serious burns and other complications following exposure to concentrated corrosive chemicals. We add things to water every day to improve the effects of water so why would we not look to improve the effects of water for chemical decontamination? Let’s look at this because most chemical exposure injuries occur in the workplace.