Taylor Goodfellow

RPAS Specialist, AltoMaxx Technologies

Taylor Goodfellow is an RPAS Specialist at AltoMaxx Technologies. Taylor graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelors in Environmental and Natural Resources. Taylor has worked on unique drone based projects from walking the ice roads of Alaska measuring ice thickness, riverbed remediation to offshore and FPSO inspection.  Taylors diverse experience is unique to the industry and a valued asset to those that she works with and teaches. Taylors interests include hiking, skating, and crocheting.

2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

May 8, 2024 Day 1


AltoMaxx is a world leader when it comes to the usage of drones in a safe manner.  AltoMaxx is a St John’s NL company which has completed unique drone projects in the harshest of environments from the North Atlantic, to the deserts of Africa to the ice roads of Alaska.  AltoMaxx is the sole Certification Body globally for ISO 21384-3 Unmanned Flight: Operational Procedures and has developed the most robust drone program that exists globally, as well as the methodology and use cases through unique projects that allows work to be completed in a safe and time efficient manner.  Not only can drones be used at heights, but also underground and in confined spaces.  Come see the use cases and the procedures behind them that are changing the way data acquisition is happening on a global scale.