Brenda Greenslade

Executive Director, The Newfoundland and Labrador Fish Harvesting Safety Association

Brenda Greenslade is a graduate of the General Hospital School of Nursing, Memorial University School of Nursing and McGill University.  Early in her career, she worked as a Registered Nurse in acute care and public health before applying her knowledge and expertise to the design and delivery of programs related to workplace health and safety, worker’s compensation and disability management as well as safety engineering.   

Brenda has worked in post-secondary education, the utility industry, and workers’ compensation but over the past four years, she has devoted her efforts to the fish harvesting industry, helping fish harvesters return safely home.  

Brenda has served on various Boards of Directors at the provincial and national levels, and sat on numerous committees related to occupational health and safety.  She has been involved in several legislative reviews and numerous consultations on the development of workplace standards.  She has received commendation from employers in recognition of her work achievements and standards of excellence and is a recipient of the Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Award for Distinction for exemplary contributions made to the practice of Occupational Health Nursing in Canada.